Sunday, October 31, 2010


I'm too lazy to spend the time to write something for each picture so here's some quick info on the following pics. My parents came out in October for a weekend visit and it was so nice! Thanks again for coming. We only had a 2 1/2 days so we packed in as many activities as we could. We went miniature golfing, batting cages, and go-cart riding all at Trafalga (we went twice), we visited Cornbelly's pumpkin-fest (which has really grown and is actually a lot of fun to spend a couple of hours at), we hiked the "Y", we went on a bike ride up the canyon and played at a park, we went for a walk to another park close by, we ate at a lot of yummy places and finally we stopped at Gateway for a quick shopping trip before my parents had to catch their flight back to California.

There are a few random pictures not from when my parents were here, such as the pumpkin patch and playing in the rain. Fall in Utah is nice and we took full advantage of it (I guess we still are).

Tetons trip

In August, Andrew and I took a quick trip to Grand Teton National Park. It was a late anniversary trip and the first time we left Simon for a few days. It was so much fun to get to explore, hike, bike, swim and just relax kid-free for 3 days. It rained half the time we were there, but it was still fun and the rain really didn't stop us from doing everything we could. A big thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for watching Simon. I think Simon wanted to stay at their house forever.

Running Update

This summer consisted of running my first marathon in June (the Utah Valley Marathon). A week later Andrew and I ran the Ragnar Wasatch Back (still one of my favorite races). After that we took a short break for the rest of the summer and then come September we ran Utah's first mud run....The Dirty Dash. We have ran the mud run in Camp Pendelton (California) and were so excited that Utah finally got a mud run. We ran the afternoon race, which was smaller than the morning race that sold out quickly. Andrew took 5th overall and I took 1st for all women! I was so excited because although I have won first in my age group before, this is the first time I've won first overall! Whoohoo! Andrew's brother and his family came to watch and the mud was a big hit with all the boys!

This past weekend, Andrew and I ran the Halloween Half marathon with some friends. My friend has all the pictures so I'll have to post those later when I get them. It was such a fun race tho and the perfect addition to Halloween weekend.

Summer update #2

We spent 10 days at my parents house in July. It was great because my entire family was there. We has a great time swimming in their pool, at the beach, at the OC zoo, eating out, shopping, playing with friends and just enjoying being all together.

Simon and my mom on the carousel at the OC zoo.

Top right is Simon seeing monkeys at the zoo. Others: Simon driving a jeep at the zoo, helping with my surfboard (next summer he's going to be the one on the board) and his new (well new to him) toy given to him by my parents neighbor.

Snack time at seven peaks (I told you these pictures were out of order.....but I can't complain, Andrew was nice enough to post them for me...I can never figure out how to make them big)

Plane ride at Traflaga

Fourth of July! We went to the Mona Ponds with Jessica (sorry Jess dunno why there's not pic of you). It's an awesome lil place that I wish I new about sooner. We need to go back.

Surfing in California. Aww how I miss you waves.

Andrew shot a wedding in Idaho over the summer and Simon and I tagged along. It was a friend of his sister, so we hung out at their place all weekend. It was fun for Simon to play, yet again, with his many cousins. This kid is so lucky to have so many cousins (and many so close to his age).

I still have three more blog posts to finish and post (not including Halloween), but its getting late so I'll have to finish tomorrow (and hopefully tomorrow is really Monday and not next week).

Pictures Finally! Misc. Summer

So if its wasn't for my sister constantly telling me I needed to update my blog, I'm honestly not sure when I would have. So thanks Jen I needed a little push. I tried to put pictures in order the best I could, but its not perfect. So here's my attempt to update the past 4 months in the next few posts.

We love going up to the cabin in Timberlakes (above Midway, UT). We went there for Labor Day weekend this year and had so much fun. Simon of course loved that his cousins were there and that he got to be outside all day long. I loved that he was entertained all weekend. It's always nice to just relax, spend time with family and play games all night.

His cousin Jenner was so excited to share his hot dog with Simon. These two are super cute together and are becoming best friends already.

We have a great grass area behind our place with a river that runs through it and its a great place to explore on Sundays.

Jules came to visit us in August and we went out to Duchesne to visit some of Andrew's friends and their families. We went to the demolition derby and I think Jules's was shocked (I'll leave it at that). It was great seeing you Johnny and Becky!

Simon LOVES the shopping carts that have the cars attached to them.

This summer consisted of many bike rides up the canyon. Its been great living so close to the Provo River trail and the Provo Canyon. I'm already missing the warm weather, but the cold won't stop our bike rides just yet.

Simon's first train ride at Trafalga. He's happy if you can't tell. We have annual passes and we need to go back. Its indoors, so perfect for this winter.

Bike ride again up the Provo Canyon. There's so many great parks up there to explore.

Simon and I spent our summer at Seven Peaks water park, our friends community pool or local splash pads. I don't have a waterproof camera so I really don't have any pictures of the majority of our summer. This was taken with Andrew's cell phone at the end of summer at the Spanish Fork splash pad. Andrew and Simon meet up with his sister and her boy Jenner and they had a blast.

His favorite spot to play on outside our place.

First time Simon was sick and actually wanted to cuddle and watch a movie all day. I got nothing done, but it was super cute just sitting on the couch all day with my little man.

After living with Andrew's brother-in-law and his family for a few months, we decided Simon needed to do some chores around their house as a way to say thank you.

What kid doesn't love to drive?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Simon Walking

Pay no attention to the words of encouragement behind the camra, you could actually turn your sound off and still enjoy.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Simon's First Birthday - Lots of Photos

Simon's Birthday was today and we celebrated in a park in Provo Canyon with a lot of family. He loved his cupcakes.